Learning from Others

I have always appreciated the ability to learn from my colleagues.  I quickly learned some of my colleagues were territorial and did not like sharing their knowledge.  In my experience this semester, I have always felt like we were all working as a team.  It became even more evident when many of the ideas brought up by others were ones I immediately examined because I loved them.  It was very difficult to choose two web resources to share.

From Valerie, I chose www.flatworldknowledge.com.  I teach remedial reading and writing courses at my university.  Many of my students are first generation college students who come from families who struggle financially.  www.flatworldknowledge.com allows me to utilize textbooks in my classes without the students investing financially.  Additionally, I would have the capability to utilize more than one textbook during a semester.  Often, the textbook I am asked to use does not cover the material or knowledge outcomes I need.  By utilizing free textbooks, I am able to legally pull from as many as I need.

From Shelby, I liked www.screencast.com.  This site allows me to store photos, videos, files, screenshots, etc.  I no longer have to flip between folders and sites when I am presenting to my classes.  Additionally, the site could be used by students when they are constructing class presentations.  I could also see students using the site as a holding area for all their research.

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2 Responses to Learning from Others

  1. Janet Broadbent says:

    Hi Angela – I too enjoy collaborating and sharing resources. This has been a great opportunity to see what others find relevant, interesting, and useful. I have become such a fan of the free e-book sites, not just for work, but to satisfy my personal reading interests. Good luck with your teaching, Janet

  2. rkylekennedy says:

    Hello Angela,
    Thank you for sharing flatworldknowledge.com. I am often teaching small groups of adult learners who either can’t afford or expect me to provide learning materials. Having access to free resources is a big help to me and my students. It also gives me a place to send students looking for additional resources outside the classroom.

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