Digital Citizenship

One of the nine themes of digital citizenship is Digital health and wellness.  Ribble discussed the physical problems that come with digital citizenship such as “eye safety, repetitive stress syndrome, and sound ergonomic practices.”  Ribble also acknowledged that “Beyond the physical issues are those of the psychological issues that are becoming more prevalent such as Internet addiction.”  The website I chose gives the user an overview of Internet addiction, warning signs, who gets addictive, why college students, and strategies for recovery.  I have students in my classes who display many of the symptoms of Internet addiction.  I wish I would have found this sooner.  I thought of a few students who might have benefited from the information.  Additionally, I would have, perhaps, put together a presentation about the information from this site.

I chose this blog because it might have allowed me to have more instructional time in my classes.  This blog gives the dos and don’ts when utilizing Facebook.  I have had several students unable to learn because of an incident involving interactions on Facebook.  This blog is well written and easily read.  My students can learn how to interact on Facebook, but also gives them a model of how a well-written blog looks.



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5 Responses to Digital Citizenship

  1. rkylekennedy says:

    Hello Angela,
    I really enjoyed the website for internet addiction. As fun as activities on our computers can be, its really important for people to step away and interact with the world first hand. I know that I find myself strapped to my computer far more than I’d like to be. I believe that this would be something very useful for my ESL students when dealing with culture shock. It is easy for them to turn to the computer for a window into the place they left behind and it can easily turn into an addiction for escape.

  2. Fallon says:

    Too many times I have witnessed mishaps and miscommunication via Facebook. I think by introducing students to websites such as the one you listed, they are now conscious of the impact their words and thoughts can have on others. Good read!

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